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B. Mus. Church Music (piano proficiency), Bob Jones University, 2001

M.A. Church Ministries, Bob Jones University, 2006


Private Piano instructor (1992-present)

Music Teacher, Thrifthaven Baptist Academy, Memphis, TN (now Heritage Baptist Academy, Cordova, TN) (2001-2004)

College music teacher, BJMBC, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines (2006-Present)

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Letter from Pastor Rich Sevilla, Heritage Baptist Church, TN

Dear Pastor,

I have been asked by Miss Jolea Jensen to write a letter of recommendation. I must say that I am honored to do this.

There are three things I can say about Jolea. First, she is talented. God has given her ability in music that is superior in quality. She is very proficient in what she does. Secondly, she is a hard worker. Talent only goes so far. I have seen her work very hard in what she does. I watched her diligence to her work first hand when she served in my church here in Memphis for three years. Thirdly, she is godly. She loves the Lord. She seeks to please Him in all that she does. She does not desire anything but to follow God’s will. When she left our ministry, she left to pursue a graduate degree. I was very pleased and excited for her when she shared with me her desire to follow the Lord’s leading to the Philippines. She has already demonstrated her usefulness there with two short term missionary terms. She and those she has been working with are convinced that this is the place of the Lord’s calling.

I know that taking on a missionary is more than just sending a monthly check. Choosing a missionary is a matter of stewardship. I am convinced that Jolea is worthy of your support. Feel free to call me at the church (901-322-6300) or my home (901-377-3974) if I can be of further help or answer any questions.

Your Brother in the Lord,
Rich Sevilla
Heritage Baptist Church
Cordova, Tennessee

Letter from Douglas Bachorik, Director of Music Studies, BJMBC, Philippines

Dear Pastor,

It is a real pleasure for me to recommend Miss Jolea Jensen to you and your church.  As my wife and I prepared for furlough in 2006, we had been praying for the Lord to send someone to cover some of our ministries.  The Lord brought Jolea to us and then led her to stay on for a second year of ministry.  During those two years the Lord greatly used Jolea in the furtherance of our ministries.  In 2002 we began a music program at Bob Jones Memorial Bible College in metro Manila for the purpose of strengthening fundamental churches in this vital area.  Our teaching focus is two-fold:  biblical principles of music, and practical skills to implement such principles in the local church.  The Lord has graciously used our ministry, with the help of Jolea and others, to train (to varying extents) some 100 musicians, from churches all over the Philippines.  Music ministries have been built up, the use of godly music in evangelistic outreaches has been encouraged, churches have been strengthened in their stand for a biblical philosophy of music, and several churches have even turned back from the use of worldly styles of worship and music.

Jolea has worked very hard in the ministry here, teaching many piano students, some of whom, with only a semester or two of training, have become their church pianist.  She has helped mentored music teachers, supported a local church with her music skills, and been involved in various evangelistic outreaches.  In her two years as a 'short-term' missionary, she has been a great help and blessing.  Her commitment to the Lord and to the ministry are a wonderful example to all who know her.

We are in great need of Jolea's ministry and hope you will consider allowing her to make a formal presentation of her work.  Perhaps the Lord will use you and your church to be a part of sending Jolea back to the Philippines for the vital work of strengthening local churches and reaching the lost.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Jolea or the ministry here in the Philippines.

Yours in Christ,
Douglas Bachorik
Director of Music Studies
Bob Jones Memorial Bible College
GFA missionary

dbachorik at gfamissions dot org

Letter from Dr. Robert Jensen, Bethel Bible Church, NY

Bethel Bible Church
4 Hillside Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY  12866-5513

Dear Pastor,

It is a great joy to know that Jolea Jensen seeks to serve the Lord as a full time missionary in the Philippines.  As her Dad, as well as her pastor, I am fully supportive of her decision.

Jolea has been dedicated to serving the Lord from an early age.  When she was only four, she approached her Sunday school teacher about salvation.  As a young teen, she began teaching the primary Sunday school class in our church.  In the summer she helped with Vacation Bible School programs in our church as well as in a neighboring church.  She really enjoyed working with the children's program at our family camp that we attended each summer.  During the summer of 1998, she accompanied our family to Forest Glen Bible Camp in Nova Scotia where she ministered in a variety of positions.

We have seen her grow with a deep desire to serve the Lord.  This has become evident with a consistency in devotions, the development of strong Biblical convictions, and a desire for soul winning.

Her musical career began at the age of five when she expressed a desire to begin piano lessons.  As a developing pianist, she used her talent playing for our church services as well as for our nursing home services.  She was also able to use her talent when she did community service by volunteering weekly at the same nursing home.  At the age of thirteen, she began teaching piano lessons to other homeschoolers.  This helped to confirm her desire to major in music at Bob Jones University.

Our church has enjoyed her musical ministry.  The Christmas programs that she developed were a delight to everyone.  The special music she has provided over the years has been a great blessing to our people.  We are glad she can continue to use her God-given musical aptitude in a place where young people are being trained for the Lord's service.

Our prayers are with Jolea as she seeks to raise the support she needs to return to the Philippines.  May God's blessing rest on her, the other missionaries, and on the students in the school over there.

In His service,
Pastor Robert Jensen